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IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime

RM1,600.00 to RM1,750.00
The ultimate zirconium oxide discs for all applications. Unique Gradient Technology combines 5Y-TZP (650 Mpa) and 3Y-TZP (1200 Mpa).
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IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime delivers a superior level of quality and high-end esthetics in zirconium oxide restorations. Furthermore, optimized workflows enhance the efficiency and profitability of your dental lab. Benefits: - Exceptional esthetics High-quality restorations featuring a seamless internal progression of shade Precise shading of the material to match the desired A-D shade - Versatile areas of application IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime: from crowns to wide-span bridges Accommodates all fabrication techniques: glazing, staining, cut-back, layering and infiltration - Gradient Technology: the highlight Unique manufacturing technology Lifelike esthetic appearance, high accuracy of fit and optimized translucency Intelligent disc design ZirCAD Prime manufacturing involves three innovative steps which allow the two raw materials 3Y-TZP and 5Y-TZP to be combined in order to produce the exceptional properties of this revolutionary material: - 5Y-TZP - Highly translucent conditioned zirconium oxide in the incisal region (650 MPa) - 3Y-TZP - High-strength conditioned zirconium oxide in the dentin region (1200 MPa)